CNC Machining Facility

Machining; It is the shaping of different materials by processing. It is a mass production method used to give the desired shape to the material. With this manufacturing method, the material is given the desired shape and surface. The desired form is achieved by removing the excess material from the part. The excess material removed is called sawdust.

There are many different types of machining. The most important and most frequently used of these are turning and milling methods. Together with these two important methods, we apply a total of 5 different machining methods in our facilities.

  • Turning: giving the desired shape to the material takes place on lathes. It is generally used in the manufacture of products with round geometry by drawing circular movements. (cylindrical – curved)
  • Milling: milling is used in more detailed production processes that cannot be done on lathes. With this method, geared products are produced as well as flat or curved products.
  • Drilling: this process is done using drill drilling apparatus on both CNC lathes and CNC milling machines.
  • Grinding: Another name for this method is etching. Sensitive surfaces can be obtained by smoothing the surface with the abrasion process performed with the help of cylindrical stones.
  • Cutting: It is the process of shaping the material using a circular or linear saw.