Corten steel panels are a highly durable facade cladding material. With their rusty appearance, they give an aesthetic appearance to the facade or area where they are used. With these features, they are also known as rusty or tumbled steel in the industry. Corten steel has become a more used product in architectural projects by turning it into a coil material.

 Corten steel, which contains metals such as chromium, phosphorus, nickel and copper, is a steel that has been oxidized by reacting with the humidity in the air and has acquired a rust color. The oxidation that occurs on the surface acts as a protective layer as well as the aged appearance and prolongs the service life of the steel. This aesthetic material, which is maintenance-free, durable and long-lasting, is especially used in facade cladding projects.

 These aesthetically pleasing steels, which also attract the attention of architects, are used as the main material of architectural structures and models, as well as being a facade cladding material. It is known that the material that forms the basis of design in many famous buildings is corten steel. Corten steel does not require the use of paint and high-cost preservatives, thanks to its rusty and aesthetic appearance. Colors such as red, orange, green and brown formed on the surface as a result of corrosion give the building a distinct aesthetic appearance. It is a product suitable for repeated use. Since they are long-lasting, they can be turned into scrap and used again and again with zero waste. Thanks to its surface feature, it does not reflect the sun’s rays and is nature friendly. Different architectural designs can be created by using it with many materials. Corten steel sheets must be turned into panels in order to be used in facade cladding. It is used after being turned into a panel and mounted on the facade of the building. Thanks to their oxidized surfaces, they show maximum resistance even in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. Corten steel railings, which are also used in landscaping apart from exterior cladding, are also used in urban furniture such as stairs, flower pots, mailboxes, barbecues, fireplaces and trash cans. Since the price of Corten steel may vary depending on the sheet thickness, dimensions, the size of the project and the details of the design, it is not possible to talk about a net price. Please contact us for all your corten steel needs and projects.