Electrostatic Powder Coating Facility

Electrostatic powder coating is a very successful method compared to other painting methods. Since it is a solvent-free method, it is among the environmentally friendly and healthy paint methods. Electrostatic powder coating method is basically done by applying very small powder particles charged with negative electricity to positively charged metal surfaces. As a result of this application, many powder paint particles adhere to the surface of the material. In order to ensure the full adhesion of the powder paint and the surface smoothness, the materials are kept in high-grade ovens for a certain period of time after the coating process, and thus the powder paint is melted. With the melting of the powder paint adhering to the surface, the material surface is completely covered with paint.


There are some important points to be considered during the electrostatic powder coating process. It is vital that the products to be painted are well grounded in order for the powder paint particles charged with negative electricity to adhere to the surface of the material. The better the grounding of the metal surface, the better the degree of adhesion of the paint to the floor. Paint particles thrown on the surface during the process can be reused with the recovery system. Thus, it becomes a method that is both environmentally friendly and suitable for the zero waste principle.