About us


Bars LTD was established in 1998 in Georgia/Tbilisi. He started his business life by trading facade cladding and glass equipment between Turkey and Georgia. Our company, which has risen in its sector over the years, has added production facilities to its own structure and carried out production and trade together. In addition to standard production products, special products are also produced according to customer demands. Our company, which is involved in the manufacturing part of many facade, building and construction projects, also has the technical equipment and staff to undertake the design process of the project in line with customer requests. In addition to all these, our company, which is experienced and active in product and material supply, enables our customers to easily reach the markets of other countries.

Today, it continues its working life by increasing its production and trade volume day by day with a production staff of 45 people, a sales department of 5 people and an engineering staff of 5 people in a closed area of ​​4000 square meters.

Our manufacturing facilities that we actively use are as follows;

  1. Turning and milling workshop
  2. Aluminum casting workshop
  3. Iron forging (metal pressure machining) workshop
  4. Decorative iron making workshop
  5. Metal cutting workshop with plasma
  6. Inverter technology type welding workshop
  7. Electrostatic painting workshop
  8. Anti-corrosion plating workshop: copper plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating and other galvanizing plating methods