The profile group that is frequently used in the construction industry is the standard profile group. Since they are produced in special sizes, they can be made suitable for every project. Aluminum profiles, which are widely used, can be used together in a system. Since they are a solid and light building element, they are also very preferred in decoration systems. The skeleton part of the balcony systems, which are in demand today, consists of aluminum profiles. Each design group has aluminum profiles in its own dimensions and shapes. However, standard aluminum profiles are absolutely needed to complete these designs.

Standard aluminum profile types are as follows;

* Box Profile:Box profiles produced as hollow can be produced as square or rectangular.

* Tube Profile: Round profiles produced as hollow can also be produced in elliptical form upon request.

* Box Profile (solid material): Box profiles produced from solid material with box section can be produced as square or rectangular.

* Tube Profile (solid material): It is produced from solid material with a circular cross-section.

* Angle Profiles: They are special profile parts used for gap closing, wall connections and many other purposes.

* Flat Profiles:It is produced from rectangular cross-section and solid material used for operations such as floor covering operations, carrier bar, screw support.

* U – Profiles: They are special shaped profiles used as connection parts in vertical joints and areas where joints are required.

* L – Profiles:Special shaped profiles used at junction points.

* T- Profiles:These are the profiles used as connection elements at vertical connection points such as U profiles and in places that require joint space.

* I – Profiles:It is used as a manufacturing product in the skeletons of buildings, tractor trailers and vehicles.

* H – Profiles: These are the profiles that are generally used to carry vertical gravity force, but also for the purpose of carrying horizontal loads.

Standard aluminum profiles are very durable and long-lasting profiles that can be used for many years without maintenance. The reasons for its use in many different areas are that it is light, useful, durable, effortless and can be supplied in sizes and shapes suitable for different usage purposes. It is inexpensive, easy to install.

For all standard aluminum profiles, system profiles (guillotine, pergola, etc.) and special shaped aluminum profiles, please contact our company regarding profile dimensions, thicknesses and prices.