Sliding folding door systems are a new generation sliding door system that we frequently encounter both indoors and outdoors. In this system, in common with other sliding doors, the area is used one hundred percent since no extra space is required for the door to be opened and closed. As different design options, there are versions where all the wings can be collected on one side or can be collected from the middle to both sides. At this point, the design changes according to the customer demand and the features of the place to be applied.

Thanks to the system design and the accessories used, it provides a very easy and silent use. It basically performs the movement of the sliding folding door system with the principle of the rail system. A wheeled accessory provides the throttling connection of the wings, which we call the threshold profile, and with this accessory, the wings are provided with a sliding feature. Thanks to the movable hinges used between the wings, the wings are folded and as a result, the system works as a sliding folding door system.

Sliding folding door systems provide easy use and assembly. In addition, the most important reason for the user’s preference is that it connects two spaces with perfect transparency. The system has high wind resistance, air and water impermeability performance. If the measurements and design are done correctly, with all these features, sliding folding door systems are a long-lasting system that works flawlessly.