CNC Plazma Cutting

The basic principle of plasma cutting is to transfer an electrical channel towards the material to be cut by a heated and electrically ionized gas (called plasma). With this process, materials such as aluminum, steel and copper sheets can be cut very sharply and smoothly. It is a method highly preferred by industrial companies with its advantages of high speed, precise cutting and low processing cost. Compressed gasses are used depending on the type of material to be cut for the operation of the system. Compressed gasses prevent the formation of roughness on the surface by spraying the melting metals.

With this computer-aided method, drawing and cutting the shapes with certain coordinates from sheet metal is a very effortless and fast process. Thanks to the plasma cutting method, it is possible to cut both thin and thick materials. While cutting can be done up to 40 mm thickness with handheld plasma cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machines can cut up to 150 mm thickness. This is very important as it provides a variety of sizes and materials to production.