Electroplating Facility

Electroplating is the process of transferring different metal atoms to a metal surface with electrical energy. As a result of this transport, the metal surface is covered with a thin layer of different metal atoms. This process is frequently used to protect the coated metal, to increase its resistance properties, to make it more decorative and in metal purification processes.

For example, chromium is a metal with very high corrosion resistance compared to steel. It also has a very shiny appearance. For this reason, chrome-plated metal products are used in many places because they look more beautiful and durable. In galvanization coating, which is another galvanic coating, these metals are coated with zinc to increase the resistance of iron and steel against corrosion.

Currently, we are making various metal coating applications in our facility according to the places where the products will be used. According to demand and need;

* Copper

* Rice

* Nickel (for stainless steel look)

* Zinc (galvanized)

* Chrome

We do the coatings.