Electrostatic powder paint, which is very successful and environmentally friendly compared to traditional wet paint use and methods, is a painting technique that does not contain solvent chemicals. Electrostatic powder paint method is the process of applying very small powder paint particles charged with negative (-) electricity to metal surfaces with the help of suitable apparatus. Basically, it is an application that makes use of the principle that opposite poles stick together by attracting each other. The most important point to be considered for the success of the process is that the metal surface must be grounded very well. 99.9% of the paint applied during the process fully adheres to well-grounded metal surfaces. Metal materials coated with powder paint are heated in ovens between 180-200 degrees, and the electrostatic painting process is completed by melting and sticking of the paint on the surface.

Electrostatic powder coating method is a method that is both environmentally friendly and applied with zero waste logic. Because the excess paints thrown on the surface during the painting processes with this method are collected in the paint recovery system, preventing the material from being wasted and the formation of waste material. If we summarize why electrostatic paint should be preferred;

  • It is environmentally friendly and ecological.
  • It works with zero waste logic.
  • It is a successful and precise method.
  • Can be applied in different colors.
  • It is harmless to health.
  • It offers a glossy surface.
  • It is an economical method.

Electrostatic powder coating method is preferred in many sectors because it is very successful and more economical than other methods. Powder coating method steel door manufacturing, bicycle production, playground toys production, steel shelf manufacturing, white goods industry, lighting industry, metal furniture manufacturing, agricultural vehicles manufacturing, electrical panel manufacturing, panel radiator manufacturing, machinery industry, aluminum industry and automotive industry It is the most preferred dyeing method in the sectors.