Glass roof systems are one of the new generation roof systems. Thanks to the daylight provided from the ceiling, the spaces have more natural lighting. Glass roof models differ according to customer demand and needs. For example, some users prefer glass roofs that do not have a fixed (non-moving) opening and closing feature, while others prefer movable glass roof systems that can be opened and closed. This preference depends on the taste of the user as well as the place where it will be used. When users want glass roof systems for their own patio or winter garden, they generally prefer fixed glass roof systems. The reason for this is that there are canvas curtains that can be easily integrated into the fixed glass roof system, and the guillotine system, sliding folding door systems, sliding glass door systems, etc. that it is provided with.

Moving glass ceiling systems, on the other hand, are mostly preferred in areas where smoking is required as well as indoor or outdoor use depending on the season, such as cafes and restaurants. This system, which has very high water and wind resistance, provides a completely indoor feature in adverse weather conditions. The system also has its own rainwater drainage system. The designs of some profiles used are made in accordance with rain water discharge. Thus, there is no need for an extra system integration.

System features

* The feet used as vertical carriers are also used as water landings.

* Engine options vary according to project and budget.

* Movement in the movable system is provided by a belt or chain.

* Wheeled accessories are used to connect the wings to the main frame.

* Stainless screws are used in all connections.

* The system can be applied as 1 fixed 3 moving or 1 fixed 4 moving wings according to the desired dimensions.

* Inner and outer curtains can be applied for sun protection to both movable and fixed glass roof roof systems according to user demand.

* Depending on preference, LED or spot light can be used.

* With a wide color range, the desired color is painted with electrostatic oven paint and put into service.