Although many different facade cladding systems are applied today, the most trendy and highest user satisfaction system of recent times is undoubtedly glass facade cladding systems. It is the most preferred system with its aesthetic and stylish appearance as well as its longevity. With its wide design range, it can be used in the workplace, home, shopping mall, art gallery, hospital, etc. It can be applied to the building with many different uses.

With the glasses used in glass facade systems, on the one hand, they are protected from the harmful rays of the sun, on the other hand, maximum benefit from daylight is provided. They are generally preferred as silicone glass facade and transparent glass facade. The main difference between the two methods is how much the interior looks from the outside. Transparent glass facade cladding systems are used to obtain a completely transparent image between the space and the outside. On the silicon glass facade, the glass is in a structure that does not show one hundred percent inside when viewed from the outside, but completely shows the outside when viewed from the inside.

When the glass used in glass façade cladding systems is broken in any case, the largest part is the size of a hazelnut. With this feature, people are prevented from being harmed in the event of a possible accident. These glasses, which are generally preferred in blue gray tones, offer an aesthetic and natural reflection. While the glasses used offer an aesthetic appearance to the user, on the other hand, they maximize the comfort of the space with their high performance in thermal insulation thanks to the silicone used.

It is difficult to talk about a fixed square meter price in silicon glass facade cladding systems. Because the size, thickness, quality of the glass used according to the design and the quality and number of accessories used depending on these vary. Although glass facade accessories vary, the ones that are commonly used are; They are basic glass facade fasteners such as spider glass holder, ball joint, point glass holder. As a company, the part that we provide service in these systems is exactly these fasteners.

In a designed glass facade cladding project, we offer durable facade fasteners in different size options to the user or companies. We aim to maximize the service life with fasteners, which are generally made of stainless steel and steel materials. Because these connection parts are very important elements for the glass facade cladding systems, which are very easy, durable and at the same time look harmonious as a part of the system in terms of appearance.