Guillotine glass balcony systems are a system that you often encounter in your home, workplaces, cafes and restaurants and will continue to appear. It is very useful in terms of both appearance and comfort. It is a popular air conditioning system preferred by many people with its different options and features. These systems, which are completely ideal in terms of size and applicability, can be designed according to the desired colors. It is the most preferred system among modern balcony closing methods.

Guillotine glass balcony systems, also known as automatic glass balcony systems; Also called movable handrail. The biggest advantage of the system is that it offers a very spacious usage area. With its design, it gives your living space a natural, aesthetic and elegant appearance, while also providing sound and heat insulation.


*  It is a system that works as 1 fixed and 2 moving wings. Movement direction is optional. For example, while the guillotine system collected at the bottom acts as a handrail when the system is opened, the system collected at the top offers full openness in the garden and terrace connections.

* It is resistant to intense weather conditions.

* It is an automatic system controlled by a remote control.

* The system generally consists of different shapes and sizes of profiles and special accessories.

* The m² price of the system varies according to its dimensions. Because the size of the system directly affects the amount of accessories used.

* With its movable wing version, the guillotine glass balcony cleaning is very easy and practical.

* Shows optimum performance in solar gain and transparent space formation.

* The accessories used in the system make the installation of the system practical and increase its durability.

* While the movement of the system is provided with 2 different designs as belt and chain, the belt is preferred in our systems. Because the belt guillotine glass balcony systems provide both durable and silent operation.

* The guillotine system can be customized according to your taste and needs with the integration of colored glass.

* The window opening can be kept at the desired level with the control remote. In this way, you can have a very safe and fun time with your children and pets on the balcony of your home, and at the same time, you can get a spacious place.

* The floor and dimensions of the place where the guillotine system will be applied are very important. For this reason, measurements should be made on site, and the design should be made according to on-site measurement data.