Hinges; they are the apparatuses that are fixed with screws, nails and bolts, which are used to fasten the doors, windows and furniture covers in a way that allows them to be opened and closed. Today, hinges produced from a wide variety of structures, sizes and materials are selected according to the purpose of use and user demand. They can be produced using steel, bronze, chrome nickel, brass or plastic materials. The material of the object (door, window, furniture) to which the hinges will be used also determines the material of which the hinge will be used.

For example, we, as a company, manufacture steel hinges and these hinges are suitable for use on steel doors, steel cabinets and steel windows. Although the shape of the hinges, which have many types, changes according to the type, the purpose of use and the movement it provides are the same. Hinge prices vary according to the material used and their dimensions. The types and dimensions of the hinges we produce as a company are as follows. Please contact our company for detailed product information and price.

Hinge Types Diameter Dimensions (mm)
Standard Pivot Hinge Ø12 – Ø14 – Ø16 – Ø22 – Ø25 – Ø30 – Ø36
Ball Hinge Ø12 – Ø14 – Ø16 – Ø22 – Ø25 – Ø30 – Ø36
Ball Wrought-Iron Hinge Ø12 – Ø14 – Ø16 – Ø22 – Ø25 – Ø30 – Ø36
Fire Door Hinge Standard Size



Although door bolts are produced in many different types and models, they basically serve the same purpose. In general, we can divide the types of bolts into two main groups as bolts and built-in bolts. The bolts, which use different materials in their production, are the locking tools in the simplest terms. It is used for the security and closure of places with doors or covers such as doors, cabinets. As well as being produced in standard sizes, the desired size, material and variety can be produced upon special order. Door bolts are important safety devices that should not encounter reactions such as fading, bending and bending. Material quality and production process should be determined with this in mind.

Door bolts are products that have simple use. It is designed and put into use in a way that it can be applied easily with the help of one finger. There is no need to use many tools in the assembly of the door bolts, which are as easy to install as they are to use. As a company, we produce two types of standard cartridge door bolts, small and large. Slide prices vary according to the dimensions and material of the slider. Therefore, please contact our company for detailed product and price information.


Plumbs, which has a widespread use especially in the construction industry, is a device consisting of a pointed conical shaped weight at the end of a long rope. Also known as a plumb line, this device is used to make vertical surfaces exactly perpendicular to the earth. The material used is mostly iron or lead. With the development of technology, more modern laser tools used in direction determination have been produced. However, these did not affect the demand for plumb line. Because both the cost of construction plumbing and the simplicity of its use as well as its structure are the most important reasons for preference. It is used as the rope used as a plumb line to be dropped down from a high point thanks to the weight at the end. When the oscillation of the weight part stops, the installation of the plumb line is completed. It becomes a perfectly flat position in the direction of gravity and thus is used as the reference line to the vertical components.

Plumbs are used not only in the construction industry but also in many different fields. One of them is the cartography sector. Cylindrical poles are used for measurements on rough terrain. At the same time, plumbing ropes are used to ensure perpendicularity in the vertical plane in the placement of various machines and systems in workplaces such as large-scale factories. The most important detail that allows the plumbing to be used in many different areas is definitely the rope. The mechanism can be set up with the desired length of ropes up to a certain length. In addition to this, the plumb sizes also differ according to the user’s needs. As a company, we meet the demands of our customers by producing plumbing in three different sizes as small, medium and large. Plumb prices vary according to their size and the material used. For detailed information, you can contact our company.


For the use of padlocks, which are still widely used today, the padlock apparatus, known by different names such as padlock hanger or lock strikers, allows the padlocks to be fixed to places such as doors-walls and used as a padlock slot at the same time. A single padlock fixture has fixing holes on one side and a single hole on the other side to attach the wand lock. This double-sided system is created by fixing two padlocks to the desired places to be locked mutually. Padlock apparatus can be used in accordance with the needs by creating different combinations such as straight-angle, angled-angle, straight-straight


The trowel is generally used to apply materials such as mortar and joint, to smooth the applied surface or to shape the plaster. Trowel, which is in the category of small hand tools, is known in the market with different types and names. In general terms, it is a flat tool with a tapering shape towards the tip, resembling a shovel, but without the curvature of the shovel. It is very comfortable and easy to use and grasp, thanks to the common plastic or wooden handle.

Trowel prices vary according to the types. Trowel types, on the other hand, differ according to the usage area and which need they meet. But in general, many types of trowels (except for special trowel types such as notched, toothed) serve the same purpose.


As the name suggests, the construction jig made of aluminum material is especially used in the field of construction. One of the most important materials needed when performing paint, whitewash and plaster processes is aluminum construction gauges. Floating rules are known as large straight rulers used for plaster applications in the construction industry. For gauges that can be produced from various materials, aluminum gauges are the most preferred gauge type because they have high durability properties.

As a principle of use, aluminum floating rules are slid over the liquid and the remaining liquid forms a smooth appearance on the surface. The construction gauge, which is used as a measurement tool, is a product that continues to be produced in new generation standards with the effect of developing technology and industrialization from the past to the present.


The ax is a hand tool that has been around for centuries and is used for cutting, chipping and shaping wood. The basic features and usage purposes of the axes, which have many different forms, are the same. Basically they are all formed by a combination of a head and a handle. Commonly produced and preferred axes are wooden handles and steel forged axes. The axes, which vary in size according to the area of use, are produced in a variety to meet every need today. The inclined structure of the head of the ax gives a sharpness that will facilitate the cutting process, and thus the force required for cutting is minimized.