Office partition systems actually consist of glass walls that allow a space to be divided into transparent sections. Since the system is generally preferred in offices, it is called office partition systems. But, of course, it can also be applied in a house according to user demands. The purpose of the system is to meet the demands of the users by dividing a large space into more than one space in the desired dimensions, making the space design and use more efficient.

The reason why it is preferred especially in workplaces is that it provides employees with an individual workspace, while providing a transparent private space so that they are not disconnected from the work environment and other employees.

Office partition systems have a wide variety of designs. There is no single fixed model available. It varies depending on the needs of the user, the general design of the place and the taste of the customer. Pieces called laths that can be added to the design allow your office partition system design to become original. With its rich glass options, you can use the space partition system as fully transparent or semi-transparent as you wish.

Office partition systems offer all partition services that a space needs. Cable ducts can be integrated into the profiles for needs such as lighting switches and air conditioning control units of the spaces that have been divided into sections with the system. It offers the opportunity to provide privacy when desired by placing buttoned micro blinds between the glazed modules. At the same time, decorative and light-image combinations can be created according to user demand by applying film to glass modules.

Corner turns of the system can be made with a corner profile as well as glass to glass. Thus, the expectations of users who want to use 100% transparent are also met. Thanks to the insulated tapes used in the floor, ceiling and wall joints while the system is being installed, it shows a very high performance in terms of sound and heat insulation.

Office partition systems are extremely simple and quick to install. The only point to be considered is that the measurements are taken correctly at the beginning of the project. There will be no problems in the assembly and usage period of an office partition system whose dimensions, rotations and number of partitions are determined correctly. It is also very easy to clean, as it has a simple design and the profiles have flat designs.