Pergola system; It is an outdoor air conditioning system, also known as an automatic awning. The system is basically a top closing method that protects the sitting outdoor space from external factors such as sun or rain, thanks to its collapsible feature. This system, which provides the opportunity to benefit from daylight at the desired rate and time, also offers the user the option to make his own design with the desired size, color and different awning models.

Automatic pergola awning systems are produced in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region where they will be applied, depending on the corrosion distribution and the load information to be lifted. They can be produced from materials such as wood or aluminum, but due to their longevity, our preference as a company is aluminum and stainless steel materials.

It has a very wide usage area. The system can be applied very easily thanks to its assembly principles and integrability. In addition to being more preferred in verandas, cafes and restaurants, it is also an increasingly popular top-covering system in summer and winter gardens or pools.

Automatic awning systems can be used easily and effortlessly with a remote control. Light can be integrated into the system profiles upon request. And in this way, evening use is also possible for the applied place.

Features of the System

* It provides a visual richness and aesthetic appearance with lighting options in different colors and models.

* Thanks to its easy-to-open and close feature, it can be easily cleaned and maintained.

* It can be easily controlled with the automation remote.

* It is very long-lasting with its durable aluminum material and special fabric awning.

* The integrated lighting system makes the applied space both stylish and more useful.

* A detailed measurement and analysis study should be carried out for the area where the pergola system will be applied. The dimensions to be made, the profile dimensions – numbers, the number of accessories and motors that should be used in the system vary.

* Rainy weather conditions do not cause any problems with the water discharge ways integrated into the profiles of the system.

* It is widely used in winter-summer garden constructions by working in harmony with other air conditioning systems. You can create the facades of an open space that you have covered with a pergola system with a guillotine system, sliding glass system or sliding-folding door systems. In this way, you will have a completely open or closed, transparent and aesthetic space.