Porches can be defined as a closed, low roof without windows, used at the entrance of a house or a building. It is very important that the entrances create their own defined area while defining the spaces. The most effective and modern application to achieve this is the porches.

More different designs and material types are now offered to users for porches, which has been a very preferred application from the past to the present. For buildings with different characteristics and uses, porches also differ in the same way. Because over-the-door porches are also designed considering the way of use during the design phase. For example, the porch to be built at the door of a detached house and the porch to be built at the hospital entrance are of course very different. As a common design principle, the main purpose of the porches above the entrance door is to reduce the effect of adverse weather conditions as much as possible, since they can be waiting points. In addition, it is very common to use it for decorative purposes only, without the obligation to provide any benefit.

The porches are very rich in terms of model variety. In addition to standard designs, it offers the customer the opportunity to have their own design. It is a job that needs to be done carefully with a good calculation, planning, appropriate design and use of materials. Apart from over-door use, it can also be applied to terraces, balconies and window tops. The point to be considered here is that in terrace and balcony applications, light but durable materials that will not put too much load on the building should be chosen. For example, while glass door porches are suitable for some buildings, polycarbonate material is suitable for some buildings. Polycarbonate and plexi material is quite light compared to glass. Transparency provided by glass in some porch models can be achieved with these materials, depending on the user’s request and the building to which it will be applied.

When designing porches with exterior applications, materials that will not be affected by adverse weather conditions are preferred. Stainless steel and glass are the materials of the most preferred models. These two materials are very important in terms of both showing the designs better and their durability. Over-the-door porch prices also vary according to the requested design, porch dimensions and the material to be used.