Railing systems are very important systems that are widely used indoors and outdoors. It can be used safely in many areas such as stairs, balconies, building entrances, corridors and pools. In order for the system to be safe and complete, important auxiliary fasteners are needed. These auxiliary fasteners are generally referred to as balustrade accessories. Regardless of the model or material of the railing, all or some of these accessories must be included in the design. Glass, aluminum and stainless steel railing systems all need these accessories to apply as a whole. There are many different accessories to connect the system elements used in the railing to each other, to the floor and to the walls. What is important here is the correct determination of the accessories and dimensions suitable for the system and the space.

There are many accessories in aluminum and stainless steel to be used for different purposes in railing systems. Different accessories are used for strut elements, ground connections, horizontal connections, angled turn connections and aesthetic appearance. We can list the railing accessories in general as follows.

* Fixed joint

* Ground flange

* Horizontal fasteners

* Vertical fasteners

* Wall fasteners

* Profile pipe plug

* Screw hiding cover

* Handrail bracket

These are the railing accessories used as standard in aluminum and stainless steel railing systems. Dimensions and forms may vary according to the design. On the other hand, the accessories generally used in glass railing systems are glass holders. Glass holders can be used to connect the glass and the system, and the system and the floor. As with other railing systems, standard railing accessories are used in the floor and wall connections of glass railing systems.