Stainless steel modular water tank, as the name suggests, is a stainless, extremely healthy, durable and useful water tank designed as modular. The most complex issue with water tanks is the areas where they are installed. Because water tanks with high tonnage water storage capacity are products that are very difficult to install and transport in case of relocation. The modular water tank is a very useful product designed to eliminate these problems at this point.

One of the biggest problems of our day and future is undoubtedly the water problem. With this awareness, we should use our water correctly and take action to store our water with the healthiest and most effective methods. Modular water tanks, which are also very suitable for individual use; It is also preferred as high-tonnage warehouses for structures that host significant human communities such as public institutions, schools and hotels. Thanks to its modularity, it offers many benefits and easy use. Modular panels can be easily combined at the place of installation and can be used safely. In line with the increasing or decreasing need over time, the water tank can be brought to the desired tonnage by adding-removing the modular panel.

Since the modular water tank is formed by the combination of panels, the dimensions of the tank are adjusted according to the place where it will be installed. If you share with us the width, height, height dimensions of the place you will install and the amount of water you want to store, we will set the most suitable and useful water tank dimensions for you. Modular water tank price is determined accordingly. Panel dimensions may vary according to the desired size. In this case, it is not possible to talk about a standard m³ price. A modular water tank of the same tonnage can be made in several different sizes and forms.

In addition, the stainless steel tank provides a unique quality for drinking water storage. It has a long and durable service life with other stainless steel materials and fasteners used.

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