Stair railings are an important element for indoor and outdoor spaces. On the one hand, it should adapt to the space with its design, and on the other hand, it should provide a comfortable and safe use. For this, the first thing to do is to carefully determine the features and dimensions of the place where the stair handrail system will be applied. Then, these data are combined with customer demands and a design study is made. The area where the stair railing system will be applied has a decisive role in many design decisions. Whether the space is indoor or outdoor, the stairs and the required landing dimensions form the basis of material selection and design. These conditions are tried to be integrated with customer demands. If it is suitable for the area, whatever the customer’s request is, that stair handrail system is applied to the area.

Stair railings are made from different materials according to the usage area and need. They have different properties in terms of durability, longevity and appearance. Aluminum, wood, stainless steel and glass railing systems are widely preferred railing system materials. As the materials required by the designs may differ, there are designs that may or may not be applied to materials. Two basic elements to be considered in all materials and designs; reliability and stylish harmony with space.

Glass balustrades are one of the most preferred models for stair handrail balustrades. With unusual glass designs, the space gains a spacious, clean and original appearance. The balcony and stair railing sector, which is developing day by day, aims to offer newer and different designs to the user. Glass and accessories used in the design can be presented in different colors according to customer demands.

Here, as in all other architectural systems, the first thing to do is area analysis and measurements. The first stage is vital for the stair handrail railing system, which will be shaped according to the stair dimensions and slope. The assembly of the design prepared with these data can be done effortlessly and easily.

There are generally two designs for aluminum and stainless steel stair railings. These are stair railings with horizontal safety (with slats) and vertical safety (with slats). Railings can be made in standard sizes or can be sized according to demand. Depending on the design and customer demand, different and stylish railings can be designed with several different materials.