Glass holders offer perfect solutions for glass partitions, balustrades, stairs, windshields, glass balustrades and safety. Thanks to the variety of models, a model suitable for every design can be selected and a stylish look can be achieved. They are adaptable parts for glasses between 6 mm and 20 mm. Rubber gaskets and adjustable reinforced screws increase holding power. Glass holders are durable and stylish connection products. In glass railing systems, it provides a solid and aesthetic connection of the floor and the glass, the vertical legs and the glass, and even the glass and the glass, thanks to some models. Some models are suitable for single use and fixed sizes, while some models are suitable for use as a whole in the form of a strip and their sizes can be adjusted according to demand. Glass holders, which are perfectly compatible with both stainless steel handrail systems and glass balustrade systems, add elegance and shine to the design. It is not possible to talk about a standard price for glass holders. The prices of glass holders produced from different materials such as stainless steel and aluminum vary according to both the material used and the shape and dimensions of the glass holder.