Balcony railings, also known as balcony handrail systems, are a very important requirement on balconies in terms of both security and aesthetic appearance. It can be used easily and safely indoors as well as outdoors on balconies. It can be produced in different designs, colors and features with the production material. Thus, you can have a balcony railing that best suits your space and taste and is in harmony with the architecture of the area. It is not possible to talk about a fixed square meter price, as its cost varies according to its material and quality. While determining the price; Factors such as material quality and profile thicknesses, project quantity, company quality and density of the material used are taken into consideration. Because when designing this type of railing systems, the only factor that needs to be considered is not to make a design that suits the aesthetic appearance and space. Main attention should be given to safety and soundness issues. The only result of making the product cheaper in the short or long term is the deformed and risky railings.

Balcony railings are produced as aluminum, steel, wood or glass according to the user’s preference. All of them give a 100% harmonious elegant look to the place where they will be applied after the careful design process. Materials vary according to usage areas. While wood is not preferred outdoors, glass handrail balcony railing systems have been the favorite of users in recent years. One of the most important reasons for this is that glass balustrade systems suffer the least deterioration over time or based on use. While glass railings give the space a transparent, spacious and stylish appearance, they also meet user expectations in terms of safety and durability.

In line with the customer’s demands, the most suitable models are determined and presented to the customer. The first thing to do is to analyze the place where the handrail railing will be made. Especially outdoors, ambient and weather conditions are extremely effective in determining the design. After the necessary analyzes are made and the measurements are taken in detail, suitable material and model options are determined.

If the analysis and measurements are made correctly in balcony railing systems, it is almost impossible to experience any problems in assembly. When the dimensions and other features are completely suitable for the application area, assembly becomes a very short and effortless process. It is vital that the system technically overlaps with the space. The basis of a safe and durable balcony railing is correct measurement and correct material production.