Hinges; they are the apparatuses that are fixed with screws, nails and bolts, which are used to fasten the doors, windows and furniture covers in a way that allows them to be opened and closed. Today, hinges produced from a wide variety of structures, sizes and materials are selected according to the purpose of use and user demand. They can be produced using steel, bronze, chrome nickel, brass or plastic materials. The material of the object (door, window, furniture) to which the hinges will be used also determines the material of which the hinge will be used.

For example, we, as a company, manufacture steel hinges and these hinges are suitable for use on steel doors, steel cabinets and steel windows. Although the shape of the hinges, which have many types, changes according to the type, the purpose of use and the movement it provides are the same. Hinge prices vary according to the material used and their dimensions. The types and dimensions of the hinges we produce as a company are as follows. Please contact our company for detailed product information and price.

Hinge Types Diameter Dimensions (mm)
Standard Pivot Hinge Ø12 – Ø14 – Ø16 – Ø22 – Ø25 – Ø30 – Ø36
Ball Hinge Ø12 – Ø14 – Ø16 – Ø22 – Ø25 – Ø30 – Ø36
Ball Wrought-Iron Hinge Ø12 – Ø14 – Ø16 – Ø22 – Ø25 – Ø30 – Ø36
Fire Door Hinge