Although door bolts are produced in many different types and models, they basically serve the same purpose. In general, we can divide the types of bolts into two main groups as bolts and built-in bolts. The bolts, which use different materials in their production, are the locking tools in the simplest terms. It is used for the security and closure of places with doors or covers such as doors, cabinets. As well as being produced in standard sizes, the desired size, material and variety can be produced upon special order. Door bolts are important safety devices that should not encounter reactions such as fading, bending and bending. Material quality and production process should be determined with this in mind.

Door bolts are products that have simple use. It is designed and put into use in a way that it can be applied easily with the help of one finger. There is no need to use many tools in the assembly of the door bolts, which are as easy to install as they are to use. As a company, we produce two types of standard cartridge door bolts, small and large. Slide prices vary according to the dimensions and material of the slider. Therefore, please contact our company for detailed product and price information.