Boron oil is known as metalworking and cooling fluid in the industrial sector. It is a very important and necessary liquid for CNC machines, which play an important role in production with the developing technology, and for various machine tools. Boron oil, which ensures the rusting of the machine and minimizes mechanical problems, must be preferred to extend the life of the machine. The service life of the machines using boron oil is extended, the maintenance costs are reduced, the processing efficiency is increased and as a result, maximum efficiency is achieved.

Cutting and cooling fluids have three basic functions.

  • To minimize friction by providing lubrication of the metal to be cut.
  • To cool the tool tip and the metal being cut.
  • To remove the sawdust from the machine during cutting.

During metalworking and cutting operations, a great deal of friction occurs between the tool tip and the part. The force required to overcome this friction is very high. Boron oil used during the process creates a layer between the tool tip and the metal, allowing the same operation to be performed with less force. At the same time, it reduces the friction between the metal and the tooltip, keeping the tool tip wear to a minimum and helping to obtain a smooth smooth surface.

Boron oil is used for multiple purposes at many stages in the machining of many metals such as copper and aluminum alloys, cast and mild steel. Boron oil is used as a coolant and lubricant in the hot drawing of aluminum bars, as well as in cutting these metals.

Boron oil, which forms an easy and stable emulsion by mixing with water, is an extremely simple product to use. Emulsion stability should be standard in the range of 5-20 dH. Boron oil should be mixed with water that is not very hard or soft and it should be noted that there is no bacteria. The best results were obtained by adding 5% boron oil to 95% water and mixing slowly. Operators should determine the regeneration interval of the mixture, ie the resulting working fluid, according to the state of the system.