The bioclimatic pergola system, which brings a modern and aesthetic perspective to automatic pergola awning systems, offers the user a different and wide choice of air conditioning. With this system, you do not have to use the space you have covered as completely open or closed. It offers you the opportunity to benefit from daylight in the amount and angle you want with its 2 different movable system versions.

You can benefit from the ventilation feature even in adverse climatic conditions with the aluminum panels that you can adjust the opening according to your own desire. With this feature that separates the pergola from the system, you can have fresh air and natural lighting opportunities while being protected from adverse weather conditions.

Bioclimatic pergola has a very practical application in assembly. The system consists of aluminum profiles and stainless steel auxiliary elements. Material selection has made the system a durable, robust and long-lasting system. Single or double engine system service is provided upon request. While the single motor system only provides the opening and closing movement, the double motor system provides both the opening and closing movement and the adjustment of the aluminum panels at the desired angle.

Working in harmony with other air conditioning systems such as the pergola awning system, it offers the user a completely transparent and aesthetic space in applications such as summer and winter gardens. With its wide color range, aluminum profiles can be painted in the desired color according to the customer’s taste and the design of the space.


* Since it has similar features with the blinds system, it offers free usage options such as benefiting from the sun’s rays at the desired rate and ensuring that the rays reach the desired place when used in public areas. In this way, you can make your open spaces comfortable and enjoyable for your customers in your cafe and restaurant-style businesses.

* As a design principle, it ensures that you are not completely deprived of fresh air and daylight while trying to be protected from adverse weather conditions.

* Bioclimatic pergola system cleaning is extremely easy thanks to its movable and distanced panels.

* With integrated lighting systems, the place can be made more stylish.

* In the design of the system profiles, great importance has been given to the issue of water discharge, and there is no problem in rainwater discharge in rainy weather conditions without the need for any extra system or connection.

* The m² price of the system; It varies depending on whether it is a single or double engine, the dimensions of the area where it will be applied, and the user’s request.