They are the additional connection parts that enable the steel joints to be securely and securely attached to the concrete in reinforced concrete structures. The openings and anchor sizes are determined according to the purpose of use and place. Anchors are connected to the hole drilled into the floor or wall at a certain angle and size, with elements made of special steel with high strength and corrosion protection. After the fastening process, a solid and reliable anchor placement is made by injecting concrete on it. Facade anchors transfer the tensile force applied on them to the floor or wall to which they are attached.


Usage Areas of Anchors

* Providing building and steel construction connections,

* To prevent collapse on loose ground,

* In the construction of underground car parks,

* Raising the dams and preventing the waves from damaging the pier,

* Ensuring the safety of people working in excavations,

* To prevent loss of life in natural disasters such as earthquakes,

used for such purposes.


Facade anchors can be of different types according to their usage areas and connection positions. Standard and widely used anchor types; It is U type, F type and L type. While we, as a company, produce these three standard types of anchors in standard sizes, we also produce special size, shaped and angled facade anchors in line with customer demands. In addition to these three standard anchor types, we also produce box profile anchors, which are frequently used and requested. Anchor prices may vary depending on their size and shape. Therefore, please contact our company for detailed information and facade anchor prices.