Glass facade systems give a space a completely transparent, bright and quite stylish appearance. Although the entire facade seems to be made of glass, there are very important connecting elements used in the connection of the glasses in the system with each other and with the building. These fasteners are called glass facade accessories. In general, connecting arms called spider are used together with the glass holder apparatus called ball joint. Laminated, grinding or tempered glass is used in the thickness determined as a result of the static calculation according to the size of the project and the glass. Thanks to its plastic insert, the ball joint fully grips the glass and makes it both solid and insulated. The space between the glasses is filled with dust-proof silicone. While Spider arms are offered to the user in different arm numbers (4, 3, 2, 1′) according to the design, there are also straight and angled versions.

As a company, we take an active role in both the design and the supply of stainless steel fasteners for the desired modern glass facade cladding projects.