Sandblasting Facility

Sandblasting is a method used to remove the corrosion, dirt and paint that the metal material undergoes due to various environmental factors over time. Depending on the metal material usage area and the environmental factors it is exposed to, they encounter problems such as oil, dirt and most importantly rust over time. These situations not only reduce the durability of the material, but also reduce the quality of protection methods such as painting and galvanizing. The sandblasting process is used as a corrosion removal method applied to save the material from these problems. A material whose corrosion layer has been removed in the sandblasting facility becomes a more durable material ready to be painted or galvanized. The blasting process is when a freshly finished material is most prone to rust and corrosion. Especially if left in a humid environment after the process, color change and oxidation reach a visible level within a few hours. For this reason, the sandblasted metal should be protected as soon as possible, painting or galvanizing should be done. Thus, the contact of the metal with the air is completely cut off.