Aluminum sheets are made from aluminum material by rolling method. In the industry, thin aluminum sheets are called aluminum sheets, and thick sheets are called aluminum sheets. The most important usage advantages are that they are resistant to atmospheric corrosion and that they are a very formable material. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity. The dimensions of aluminum sheets, which have a bright and beautiful appearance, between 1 mm and 10 mm are used in areas such as advertising, automotive and machinery sector. Thicker plates are preferred in heavy industry sectors such as mold industry and machine parts production.

Aluminum sheets have different alloy versions according to the usage area. It is a big mistake to use aluminum sheets on the market thinking that they all have the same properties. This error sometimes causes machine parts to wear out and become unusable. When choosing an aluminum sheet or part, the conditions to which the part to be used must be exposed and a suitable alloyed aluminum material must be selected.